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California fatal accident: Teenage motorcyclist killed

There are a variety of different ways to legally use California roadways; while many people choose a traditional motor vehicle, others may choose to ride a motorcycle or bicycle or to walk. Unfortunately, those in the latter groups may face additional risks. If they are struck by a traditional vehicle, for example, they have little to no physical barriers to protect them from injury. As such, traditional motorists must remain vigilant at all times. In fact, a recent fatal accident in California demonstrates the potential harm that some people face.

California Highway Patrol seeking information in fatal accident

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time of the day or night. Because accidents involving motorcycles can be especially damaging for riders, many go to great lengths to protect their safety. Unfortunately, they are often unable to avoid accidents caused by negligent drivers who fail to follow the same precautions. In fact, reports regarding a recent fatal accident in California seem to indicate that police believe a life was lost as a result of a negligent driver.

California police: Fatal accident caused by debris in road

California highways serve several important purposes. Not only are they are a means of transporting people from place to place, but they are also a way to transport items from place to place. Regardless of the reason, those using the highways have a responsibility --  both legal and moral -- to take measures to protect others. Unfortunately, reports claim that failure to do so has recently resulted in a fatal accident.

What California drivers need to know about lane splitting

Many drivers of passenger cars and trucks on today's roads do not have even a basic education regarding motorcycle safety or the importance of sharing the road. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge and awareness can often lead to serious accidents that cause injuries to the motorcycle rider.

Bicycle accidents: Head injury reported in California collision

When many people in the United States think of transportation, many automatically picture a traditional passenger vehicle. Despite this, there are many ways to legally travel from place to place. Unfortunately, people in California and across the country often face serious personal injury if they are involved in bicycle accidents, due to a relative lack of protection when compared to a traditional motor vehicle.

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