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California motorcycle accidents: Victim settles for $46 million

Regardless of where a person lives, he or she may have multiple transportation options. Many in California choose to travel on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can often have devastating consequences as they provide few physical barriers to protect riders. In fact, Southern California Gas Co. recently settled a personal injury lawsuit filed against it after one of its drivers allegedly caused a serious accident.

Hidden injury after a motorcycle accident

Not all motorcycle accidents involve high-speed damage. A typical accident scenario may occur when a motorcycle rider sees a red light at the intersection ahead and begins to slow down. The car behind him also slows down for the light, but the driver misjudges the distance and rear-ends the bike. The impact jolts the rider and causes the bike to swerve. The bike bumps into the curb and the rider falls to the pavement.

California bicycle accidents involving children

For most children in California and across the country, learning to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage. However, riding a bicycle could place children at risk of bicycle accidents. Because children can be expected to behave unexpectedly, drivers are often held to a higher standard in accidents involving young people.

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