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Not all motorcycle accidents involve high-speed damage. A typical accident scenario may occur when a motorcycle rider sees a red light at the intersection ahead and begins to slow down. The car behind him also slows down for the light, but the driver misjudges the distance and rear-ends the bike. The impact jolts the rider and causes the bike to swerve. The bike bumps into the curb and the rider falls to the pavement.

The motorcyclist and auto driver move off the road into a parking lot. Beyond a few bruises to the motorcyclist, neither party notices signs of personal injury. The car’s front bumper has a small dent and scratches are evident in the motorcycle’s paint. The owners exchange insurance information and go their separate ways.

Never assume there is no injury

Arriving home, the rider takes some over-the-counter pain medicine for a headache and goes to bed early. In the middle of the night, he gets up, his knee twists and he falls. His eyesight is blurry, his headache is worse and he feels nauseated.

The next morning, a family member convinces him to go to the hospital emergency room. After a thorough exam, the rider’s family feels shocked to learn that their son has sustained a possible whiplash, concussion or spinal injury. He also has a torn knee ligament and internal bleeding. The doctor explains that their son has suffered a fair amount of soft tissue damage from the accident. He will need immediate surgery to stop the internal bleeding and repair his torn knee ligament. The doctor also calls in a neurologist to determine whether the accident caused brain or spinal injury.

The family finds out they are looking at significant medical bills and a long recovery period for their son.

Seek immediate medical evaluation after an accident

It is important for any rider involved in a motorcycle accident to get immediate medical attention. Even though the rider may believe no injury occurred, the body can release adrenaline and endorphins during an accident, two hormones that effectively mask pain. Serious injuries may remain hidden for hours or days.  

The rider should also get immediate help to understand his rights as an accident victim. He deserves to receive compensation from the responsible party to offset medical bills, pain, loss of function or further injury.