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| Dec 9, 2020 | Firm News

Outdoor recreational activities are becoming more so popular nowadays due to the pandemic and with it the increase in accident rate and hence the injuries.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-highway vehicles (OHVs) are an increasingly popular way to enjoy the great outdoors. ATVs and OHVs each have their advantages, depending on a rider’s preference.

An ATV, also called a “quad” or “four-wheeler,” is smaller in size and meant for a single rider. An OHV resembles an off-road go-kart and has a roll cage.

The primary benefit of an OHV is that two riders can sit side-by-side. While these two types of vehicles differ somewhat in form and function, they are both frequently used by riders to travel across off-road trails at high speeds.

Off-Road Vehicle Accident Statistics:

Between 1982 and 2018, there have been nearly 16,000 ATV-related fatalities in the United States. Children under the age of 16 represent 21 percent of these fatalities.

In 2018, there were 81,800 ATV-related emergency room visits

-30 percent of all ATV injuries involve bone fractures

-22 percent of all ATV injuries involve contusions and abrasions

The most commonly injured areas in an ATV accident are:

-Arms – 29 percent

-Head or neck – 29 percent

-Legs – 22 percent

-Torso – 21 percent

Causes of ATV and OHV Accidents:

-Driver Error

-Equipment Malfunction

Wearing a helmet has been a big factor in reducing severe and significant injuries in ATV/OHV accidents.

As a result, many states require users to wear a helmet when riding an off-road vehicle. However, states differ significantly when it comes to whether helmet non-use evidence is admissible in court.

California requires wearing a helmet. “No person shall operate, ride, or be otherwise propelled on an all-terrain vehicle on public lands unless the person wears a safety helmet meeting requirements established for motorcycles and motorized bicycles pursuant to Section 27802. (CVC §38505).”

BE SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY! Accidents, no matter how small, are stressful, costly and time consuming.;