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California bicycle accidents involving children

For most children in California and across the country, learning to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage. However, riding a bicycle could place children at risk of bicycle accidents. Because children can be expected to behave unexpectedly, drivers are often held to a higher standard in accidents involving young people.

Bicycle accidents: Head injury reported in California collision

When many people in the United States think of transportation, many automatically picture a traditional passenger vehicle. Despite this, there are many ways to legally travel from place to place. Unfortunately, people in California and across the country often face serious personal injury if they are involved in bicycle accidents, due to a relative lack of protection when compared to a traditional motor vehicle.

Responding to bicycle accidents in California

Most drivers of traditional motor vehicles have come across a bicyclist while driving. While some people may view these cyclists as nuisance to move around, that attitude could lead to serious bicycle accidents. Bicyclists have the same right to the roadway as other users, and failing to take proper precautions when a cyclist is in the area could have catastrophic consequences in California and across the country.

Neurosurgeon settles lawsuit stemming from California bike crash

Though there are multiple ways to legally enjoy California roadways, there are certain conditions that could prevent alternative methods -- such as bicycles and motorcycles -- from being safely utilized. For example, poor roadway design and inattentive drivers could easily cause harm to bicyclists. In fact, a woman has recently settled a lawsuit after she was injured in a bike crash.

Liability in California bicycle accidents

People in California have many options regarding traveling from point to point. Because traveling by bicycle is often cheaper and better for the environment, many choose to travel by this method. Unfortunately, bicyclists often face additional hazards, especially since they have little physical protection when involved in bicycle accidents.

Bicycle accidents: Fatigue factor in fatal California crash

Most drivers in California are aware of many actions that could potentially result in a serious accident. As a result, they avoid drinking before driving and make an attempt to obey all traffic laws, for example. Unfortunately, some people may overlook the potential harm that driving while fatigued can cause, especially when doing so results in bicycle accidents.

Bicycle accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in California bicycle race

There are multiple different reasons why people in California choose a bicycle as a form of transportation, from personal health to concern for the environment. Whether a cyclist is involved in a lone ride or with a pack of other riders, he or she may be at risk. Regardless of the cause, bicycle accidents can easily cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, a man was recently killed and a woman seriously injured while involved in an event.

Responding to bicycle accidents in California

There are a variety of different ways to safely and legally navigate California roadways. In fact, because of the state's climate, there are options that are attractive year round that may not be prudent in other states, including the use of motorcycles and bicycles. Despite the laws that are in place to protect cyclists, bicycle accidents can still happen, potentially resulting in serious harm.

California bicycle accidents: Arrest following hit-and-run

When driving on California roadways, drivers must remain vigilant at all times, especially when there are bicyclists or pedestrians in the area. Even an action as simple as changing a radio station can pull a driver's attention away long enough to cause an accident. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents frequently result in serious injury, as evidenced by a recent crash believed to have been caused by a hit-and-run driver.

Bicycle accidents: California man killed in hit-and-run

It may be easy for some motorists to remember that there are a variety of different ways to legally use California roadways, potentially placing the lives of those using the roadways in ways other than with a motor vehicle in jeopardy. Unfortunately, such forgetfulness can have serious consequences and can result in dangerous bicycle accidents, for example. In fact, police are currently looking for the driver of a vehicle that was reportedly involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident.

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