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Cycling deaths on the rise around the country

In California and across the U.S., more and more people are bicycling, both for fun and transport. As ride-shares proliferate and individuals become more concerned about their global "footprint," the bike will continue to be an easy, accessible method of transportation for everybody from kids to adults and seniors. But, as ridership increases, so does the risk of injury.

Getting on the bike after a head injury

Concussions have been in the news lately. In terms of sports safety, from concerns regarding professional football players to pee-wee leagues and even soccer, head and brain injuries are garnering more attention and focus. But it's clear that athletes aren't the only ones at risk for concussions--you can hit your head while walking down the street and sustain a mild traumatic brain injury without ever losing consciousness.

Should you follow the three-second rule as a motorcyclist?

The following distance you should observe when you are riding your motorcycle is a subject of debate. Some say two seconds’ distance is sufficient between your bike and the car ahead. Others insist that adding another second makes all the difference in a tricky situation.

Riding in the rain

Maybe it never rains in Southern California. Most of the time, motorcycle riders can jump on the bike without a second thought to weather and road conditions. But what happens when it pours (it pours…)?

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