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At A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C., we have extensive experience representing victims and families in Orange County who have been injured in motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Our founding attorney, Alessandro Assanti, is the only personal injury lawyer in the country with professional racing experience. He has decades of experience riding motorcycles and knows what challenges you may face after an accident.

We personally know what it’s like to be on the road and what it’s like to be injured in an accident. Do not make the mistake of working with just any personal injury attorney.

Our Trial Approach And Why It Matters

Our lawyer has extensive trial experience. We take a different trial approach from other law firms. We know that most jurors do not have any motorcycle experience — through our expertise and experience in the motorcycle industry, we educate the jury on how motorcycles behave on the roadway, how the perceptive reaction time plays a role in accidents and different factors that come into play when navigating traffic obstacles.

We understand the stigma you may face in the courtroom. Many jurors have the perception that riding a motorcycle is dangerous and often blame motorcyclists for getting into accidents. We know what questions to ask to address these perceptions to help maximize your chance at obtaining a fair and impartial jury.

Why should you work with us? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Our experience riding motorcycles as well as trying motorcycle accident cases for almost 20 years gives us an advantage when evaluating and preparing your case from the minute we start working with you.
  • We are diligent in filing motions on time, and we will always seek to remove any prejudicial evidence that will be viewed unfairly by a jury.
  • We know when to seek a strike in expert testimony when the expert does not have the proper education, experience or training on the subject matter being discussed.

Work With Skilled Trial Attorneys

We are skilled trial lawyers. Our law firm will always put your best interests first. You can trust that we will work hard to find the best option for recovery, whether that is achieved through negotiating a settlement or litigating your case at trial.

To discuss your specific case and to see how we can help, call our law firm at 800-440-1928 or contact us online. We offer free consultations so there is no risk to meet with us.

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