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Riding your motorcycle is your passion. Many riders understand the risks they face on the road, but that does not stop them from riding — and it should not.

We Know What You Are Going Through After An Accident

At A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C., we know the obstacles you may face. Our law firm has successfully represented victims of motorcycle accidents in Orange County, California, and other areas. We are dedicated to advocating for and supporting motorcyclists because we are motorcyclists, too.

Founding attorney Alessandro Assanti is an avid motorcyclist who has been riding since the 1970s. After being injured in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, he truly understands the challenges you face. We know how a motorcycle accident affects your life and what you need to do to fight to get back.

Personal Representation From A Motorcycle Rider Just Like You

You need an experienced lawyer who will fight to protect your rights after an accident. We are not like other personal injury law firms in the area. At our law firm, you will work with the only personal injury attorney who has professional racing experience. Alessandro Assanti has in-depth knowledge of and experience handling motorcycles in races and on the street.

You will get personal attention from a successful trial attorney who also has extensive experience riding motorcycles. Not only can we guide you through the legal system, but our knowledge of motorcycles and use of experts in the motorcycle industry will help us prepare the strongest case possible.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents And Why It Matters

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. If you have been injured in an accident, who can be held liable? Every case is unique and deserves a careful evaluation by our law firm and skilled experts to determine the cause of the accident. Our law firm can help you address all issues stemming from your accident, including:

Even if your own actions contributed to the accident, you still have rights. We will evaluate your case and explore all factors to offset any contributory negligence in your case.

It is vital to receive proper medical attention after an accident. We can help you find the right doctor as well as make sure all injuries and medical care are properly documented to help support your case.

Preparing For Your Case

To thoroughly prepare for your case, we will gather all evidence and carefully evaluate the scene of the accident as well as preserve your motorcycle so our experts can examine it. Our experts work in the motorcycle industry and provide us with high-quality and trusted testimony in our cases.

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