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An accident can be traumatizing for many reasons. Fear, anxiety and physical pain are all common after being injured in an accident. At A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C., we know how difficult life is after an injury, and we are here to help.

You Do Not Have To Go Through This Alone

Our law firm has extensive experience helping victims in Orange County and beyond understand their rights after being injured in an accident. We know how challenging it can be dealing with the hospital and insurance company because we’ve been there, too.

Attorney Alessandro Assanti is a highly skilled personal injury lawyer with professional racing experience. In addition to his experience helping victims of motorcycle and bicycle accidents, he personally knows what you are going through because he was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident several years ago.

Our law firm zealously advocated for Alessandro’s rights back then, and we are dedicated to fighting for your rights now.

We Evaluate All Factors That May Impact Your Medical Expenses

We will evaluate all factors that will impact your current and future medical expenses, including any health insurance and loss of income that may play a role in your expenses. We also will determine what treatments or surgeries you may need in the future and the value of those procedures to get an accurate and fair recovery.

Health insurance may reimburse only part of your hospital bill, meaning you could get stuck paying the rest of it on your own. We can explore all of your options for recovery after being injured in an accident.

We will use your medical bills and expenses associated with your care to determine how much compensation you should receive for your pain and suffering. We have detailed knowledge and understanding of how your medical expenses will play a role in your case.

Putting Your Best Interests First

You can trust that we will always put your best interests first by giving you all the information you need to make an informed and educated decision.

To schedule a free consultation, call our law firm at 800-440-1928 or contact us online.

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