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Road hazards can cause serious motorcycle accidents. These cases are complex and require a skilled lawyer to carefully and effectively evaluate the details of your accident. At A.G. Assanti & Associates, P.C., we know what it takes to successfully handle personal injury claims that stem from road hazards.

Motorcyclists face additional risks on the road. Despite your best efforts, driving on a hazardous road can lead to a traumatic accident that can be difficult to recover from. Companies and municipalities can be held liable for motorcycle accidents caused by dangerous or defective roads.

Negligence And Dangerous Conditions Can Cause Serious Accidents

We have handled many different cases in Orange County and beyond where motorcycle accidents could have been prevented if a public entity or construction company would have taken precautions to keep the road safe, including cases involving:

  • Small gravel left on the road
  • Lack of warning signs in construction zones
  • Painting over cement spills without notification
  • Potholes and other obstructions

Our law firm will evaluate all factors in your accident to determine the cause of the crash. This includes going to the scene of the accident, taking photographs, collecting evidence and analyzing all factors to determine the best course of action to take.

We view these cases differently than other law firms do. Our extensive motorcycle background and experience help us see hazards that others may not. Contact us right away to make sure evidence is protected and preserved.

We Are Passionate About Riding, Just Like You

Our founding attorney, Alessandro Assanti, has about 20 years of experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents and has been an avid motorcyclist for decades. As the only personal injury attorney in the country with a professional racing background, he understands what you are going through after an accident.

We know the passion you have for riding your motorcycle and the risks you face every day on the road. Every motorcyclist or motorist runs the risk of getting into an accident. However, no one should have to suffer because of a city’s or construction company’s negligence when repairing a road.

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