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Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. If you have been injured in an accident, who can be held liable? Every case is unique and deserves a careful evaluation by our law firm and skilled experts to determine the cause of the accident. Our law firm can help you address all issues stemming from your accident, including:

Injuries, including brain injury and spinal cord injury

Medical expenses and care after the accident

Cause of the accident, including inattentive motorists, failure to yield and lane splitting

Road hazards that may have contributed to the accident

Motorcycle or product defects

Even if your own actions contributed to the accident, you still have rights. We will evaluate your case and explore all factors to offset any contributory negligence in your case.

It is vital to receive proper medical attention after an accident. We can help you find the right doctor as well as make sure all injuries and medical care are properly documented to help support your case.

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Bicycle accidents on public roads are unacceptably common.  Causes of accidents are predominantly due to driver not paying attention to the roadway or impatience.  The most common are making unsafe lane changes, excessive speed, crowing the cyclist and using electronics in the vehicle.  The consequences are often tragic.  

Injured cyclists who seek compensation whether a serious road cyclist, commuter or out for some fresh air and exercise, there are hazards out there:  Operators of vehicles or dangerous road conditions, cyclists need to take precautions.  Still that may not be enough to avoid a serious accident which is not your fault.  

After that occurs, the damages begin to flow in and we as experienced attorneys in the field know how to best protect the cyclist and recover for the losses.  We never take an upfront fee and if we do not prevail, you pay nothing for our work.  Again, most times we never charge for resolving your property damage claims unless there are serious liability disputes.  

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For the last 15 years our firm has had the pleasure of representing some of the most successful motorcycle racers in the United States.  Our list of services involves client/rider contract negotiation, business litigation for race track owners, race organizations and race teams.  Have an issue, please contact us to discuss how we can best assist you or your company.  We have a proven track record of jury and bench trial awards. Our past clients list includes, ama, and world championship competitors and champions.